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EMCsq Vessel Wrytha developed this pipe laying system for a client that wanted to lay 75 miles of pipe in water depths from 50’ to 300’. The problem expressed by the client was the water that they would be working in was not advantages to using divers do to sea conditions and visibility.

This system is completely automated for the installation of the anchors and the pipe into the stocks anchored to the sea bed. The anchor and stock are lowered by a vessel equipped with a special Installation Drive Unit. This unit is equipped with GPS and controllable thrusters that an operator onboard the vessel operates using a ROV with cameras to view the operation of the anchors being screwed into the sea bed and the setting of the stock. Looking at the Installation Drawing below you will see two of our SSLV’s, one is working in series for the installation of the anchors & stocks following a preset GPS track while the second is following behind making and laying the pipe into the stocks.

This system can be used for any size pipe or cable system, or multipliable thereof, that needs to be secured to the sea bed.

Anchor & Stocks

The system is designed to helical anchor to the sea bed, then the pipe is laid into the stock, the weight of the pipe forces it down into the stock closing the locking system. Scouring is not a problem since the Stocks are supported by the helical anchors and the base of the stock is fitted with a specially designed anti-scouring skirt made of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP). The helical anchors are especially good for soft or slit sea beds, they can be made to any length to reach the hard pack and still support the pipe or cable up near the sea bed surface.

ANCHOR SYSTEM_files/image005

Installation Drawing

Below is two of our SSLV’s working in series on their anchor systems. In using their own anchor systems they can move along the preset GPS track as designed by the engineers for the pipe route. As they continue to move forward there is a third smaller vessel that sets anchors ahead and retrieves the anchors from behind. This make for a smooth work progression with no break down of equipment for movement, the pipe is simply laid in a continual assembly line manner. As seen in the Elevation View the pipe is supported by flotation devices that move with the vessels as they move.

ANCHOR SYSTEM_files/image006

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