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General Design of the Semi ~Submersible Docking System is to create a “Holding Pen” for crew transfers where there is none. The dock shown is 50’ (15.24m) by 25’ (7.62m) of deck area. The Gangway for the boat incorporates the same locking system as the PTS and operates with electric winches and will follow the boat’s movement. The gangway to the platform or other structure is fixed at the platform and slides on a special track on the deck of the dock.

Both Gangways are constructed from Aluminum with a Fiberglass Structural Grating with non-skid, which will allow flexing. The decking of the Dock is Gator Plate a fiberglass anti-slip surfaces that again will withstand flexing. Both products are manufactured by SEASAFE / AMICO of Lafayette, LA.
Their web site is for any more information you might need.

The dock is arranged to promote traffic flow. The crew getting off the boat will proceed straight from the boat up the gangway to the platform. There is a Boarding waiting area for 54 men, once the boat has unloaded they will board the boat from there, thus reducing the time the boat is at the dock.

The Semi – Dock will ride large waveforms the same as the boat but will discount any small waves the same as the boat. The anchor system is tied into a sliding counter balance system to allow the up and down movement to match the boat. The anchor system will hold the dock in place as to the position of the platform.

The anchor system is single hydraulic installed helical anchors employing a plasma rope at 250,000 psi each.

BOARDING SYSTEMS_files/image002 BOARDING SYSTEMS_files/image004

Semi-Submersible Dock showing a 10’ (scale) Rogue Wave passing through.
The Docking system can be designed to meet any need and use.

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