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Caribbean Express, Ltd.
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Operation Description
Caribbean Express, Ltd intends to build and operate a passenger/cargo vessel fleet that will utilize ports of call between Florida, Texas, the Bahamas and other Caribbean Nations as well as Mexico. The system will include long hull vessels operated by Carib-Ex with connecting short hull inter-island vessels operated locally from Carib-Ex Hub Ports throughout the Caribbean and Mexico.




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Vessels of Caribbean Express

The DMB class M/V LHPC is a fast passenger/cargo vessel designed to IMO & USCG standards. It has passenger seating for 200 with wide screen TV, 24 passenger berths, and 3 VIP cabins. The upper deck also features a 72-seat dining room and a fully equipped galley. Between decks elevators provide handicapped access.
The cargo decks on the LHPC can accommodate 26 ~ 40-containers and 6 ~ 20-containers or any combinations thereof and the LHC can accommodate 30 ~ 40-containers and 10 ~ 20-containers or any combinations thereof.A shipboard overhead gantry crane handles loading and off-loading operations to and from the dock.
The vessel is capable of 40 knots fully loaded (45 knots empty).It carries 64,678 gallons of fuel with a 3200-mile range (fully loaded) between fueling. The Caribbean Express Fleet will establish regularly scheduled runs to the above-mentioned Islands as well as other Caribbean ports. The small vessels with more frequent runs will handle inter-island transport.

187Long-Hull Passengers & Containers

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187Long-Hull Containers

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Inter-island transport vessels

Passengers & Containers/Freight
Caribbean Express, Ltd. offers fast vessels with a 30 passenger capacity and cargo space for 4 ~ 40-containers or 8 ~ 20-containers or any combinations thereof.The hold will accommodate 48 standard pallets.A shipboard gantry crane facilitates loading and off-loading operations to and from the dock. The vessel is self elevating which means it has retractable legs that when deployed the vessel can be raised out of the water to any elevation to match dock level or become its own platform or dock in water depths of 20 or less.
These vessels are capable of 25 - 35 knots fully loaded (35 knots empty).They carry 7,164 gallons of fuel with a 2162-mile range (fully loaded) between fueling.Shippers would have to establish regularly scheduled runs in their territories to take advantage of the Caribbean Express Fleet delivery schedule. These vessels will be leased, sold or bare-boat chartered to individuals and companies with local contracts.

87 to 110 Inter-Island Passengers & Containers/Freight

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Passengers Transport
The SRVF is a specially designed vessel to carry passengers and their personal cargo for inter-island transportation. Special considerations have been made for safety. The vessel if rolled over in storm conditions will self-right to the normal up-right position. It has been made watertight in any position as well as having air chambers for damage flotation. The vessel will also serve for emergency evacuations as well as rescue work. An amphibious model has also been developed for hard to reach areas. It can also be modified for small package and/or Air Container fast delivery between the islands.

87 Inter-Island Passenger Transport

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The Caribbean Express Fleet will be a dedicated Caribbean cargo hauler with established and regularly scheduled routes.
Loading/unloading capability of the inter-island vessels allows for deliveries to locations with poor or non-existent facilities. In addition, the Caribbean Express Fleet is capable of offloading directly onto the support boats without benefit of dock if necessary.
Caribbean Express, Ltd. will work with shippers to establish a reliable infrastructure for onsite support (moving cargo from dock to customer warehouse) if necessary. Real-time information will be available from Caribbean Express Fleet as well as the inter-island transports to the main office at all times.

Key Hub Ports
Caribbean Express will establish Automated and Computerized Consolidation Key Hub Ports throughout the Caribbean for the purpose of container and freight movement between the large long-hull vessels and inter-island transports. The facility has been specially designed to speed movement of containers with computer tracking; this arrangement will allow faster customs inspections.

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The above facility is designed to handle 92 loaded containers with 80 in storage. The empty container storage area holds 54.

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