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EMCsq Vessel Wrytha has been designing mooring and launching systems for vessels, marinas and fleets since the business started. With every new vessel designed a mooring plan has to be created for that particular vessel and the intended dockage. All plans take into account tide rise & fall, annual weather conditions and any storm conditions that might arise. EMCsq has a vast knowledge of rigging, anchoring systems and design. EMCsq has also compiled a complete library of all recorded storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic and the Gulf dating back to 1851. EMCsq also has associate companies that specialize in storm reporting and generating 100 year storm reports that are required to design such systems.

In December of 1998 the owners of the COPA casino in Gulfport, MS came to EMCsq with a problem they needed solved. The problem was to keep the decommissioned COPA ship in its dockage during a hurricane. The plan needed MS Port Authority and the MS Gaming Commission’s approval as well as their insurance companies. The COPA ship could not operate since its power plant was disabled as well as all navigation equipment. This then required Tugs to be on standby and to move the ship long enough ahead of the storm. This cost millions of dollars in cost outlay and in lost income for the casino.

EMCsq reviewed all the particulars for the vessel, requirements by the MS Port Authority & MS Gaming Commission and began a plan that included having Lloyds Register of North America review and approve the designs and engineering with oversight inspections for certification to the MS Port & MS Gaming.

The COPA ship is a 540’ LOA; 18,000 long ton vessel with a 27’ draft. It was permanently moored with an enclosed gangway to the main deck from a land based elevator lobby for boarding by patrons.



The design criteria; moor the ship so it will not do any damage to itself nor the port docks in a category 4 hurricane with wind gust of 155 MPH and a tidal surge of 10’ with additional wave heights of 15’. This was the standard set by the MS Port Authority & MS Gaming Commission base on the Camille Hurricane of 1969 that struck the Gulf coast with wide spread devastation.

The design could not interfere with normal operations of the port nor with the normal operations of the casino on a daily bases. The design had to be flexible enough too be unmanned and withstand the tidal & wave range along with wind pressures and still hold the ship on location. The anchoring system had to be hidden and away from any ships that might tangle in it or cause damage to their hulls.

With these criteria in mind, EMCsq Vessel Wrytha set out and designed a mooring system that was installed onsite and exceeded the requirements set out. The system was divided into two sections, the permanently installed anchors and moorings then the connections made before the storm reached a certain zone at sea. The connections to the permanent system could be made in 6 hours including pulling the vessel away from its dock on the anchor system. The connections were then preloaded with 50,000 lb of pressure to hold the vessel on location and then the crew would abandon the vessel.

Plan view of mooring system design;


EMCsq Vessel Wrytha is the only company that has designed a Classing Society approved hurricane mooring system for a casino ship.

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