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EMCsq has been retained on law cases involving detailed investigation of the causes of failure of a vessel or the inaccurate data and Stability workups. EMCsq has worked on such cases as Liftboat failure when in the jacked condition, inaccurate stability booklets, inaccurate stability testing, vessel overturning and groundings causing overturn. EMCsq specialized in the analysis of test methods and reporting of data.

EMCsq also has extensive knowledge in shipbuilding, which lends itself to the ability to make replica vessel models for testing in test tanks. The models are made true to form and weight; with this the model can be tested in a tank with the test results true to form with the original vessel. In conducting test in this manner a controlled environment can be maintained as well as the test being repeated even for a jury in a courtroom. This type of service is invaluable to clients and lawyers for a visual aid. Test previously thought impossible and/or thought could not be achieved for demonstrations are possible with the aid of EMCsq electronic equipment and custom made test tanks.Below is one such setup that was used in a case.

Model Particulars:
LOA: 20”
Beam: 14.45”
Molded Depth: 2.21”
Legs: 43.71”
Total Weight: 14.47 Lb
Scale: 0.01864802 or 1/54
Weight 0.001 oz
Measurements: 0.01”

EMCsq made the test tank and model at
left. The model is of a 200 Class Liftboat
that was delivered with a Stability
Problem. The Law Firm representing the
Owners retained EMCsq to review all the
data and records of the vessel and to
Ademonstrate the inaccuracies of the
testing and the reporting of the stability of
the two vessels manufactured to the same
design. The case was settled in our clients

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The Test Tank was specially made for Courtroom appearance.

The model was made from the actual scaled drawings by printout of the vessel original design drawings, and was used as patterns for the construction of the hull & superstructure. The legs are of aluminum and internally even weighted to make them the same scaled weight as the original vessel. All other components such as the cranes, pads, test weights, deck load, etc were made in the same manner of size and weight. EMCsq employs certified scales during the construction of the model, then all the components upon completion are taken to a certified weighing lab and certified accurate.

Using our highly accurate electronic equipment and exact drawings of items such as reported weight movements, (the white area on the deck is a CAD generated drawing of the reported weight movements) the model can be set up as per the original incline and that incline can be recreated as many times as needed to prove or disprove the reported results. The model can also be tested for reported “Wind Heel Stability” by assimilating wind loads at the centric of the vessel using applied weights on a horizontal pull. Actually any test that is needed or can be done to the original vessel can be reproduced in this manner. This system works for new designs very well, it proves out the engineering calculations, (or not!)

OTHER LITIGATION investigated & reported on by EMCsq Vessel Wrytha

COTTON CLUB: A 250’ casino vessel in a pond in Tunica MS. Over turned in pond due to storm and then pond draining.

MARINE LITIGATION_files/image004 MARINE LITIGATION_files/image006

SAND DREDGE: An intentional sinking of a sand dredge in a pit, LA.

ATLAS LIFTBOAT: Leg failure and over turn in the Gulf off of LA.

MISS NEVELYN: Leg failure and overturn in Atlantic Ocean side off of southern Trinidad.


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