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EMCsq Vessel Wrytha has developed a power plant that is driven by the oceans & rivers current do to a need expressed by our Caribbean clients. Most of the islands are under electrical powered or have no power at all, those that do have power, is produced by diesel generators that are very expensive to operate and maintain.

The power plant employs a screw turbine blade system that the water current turns, in turn that drives a planetary gear system coupled with a torque converter system that drives the internal alternator. This system maintains a constant RPM of the alternator to keep the electric cycles (Hz) constant during flux in current speeds. The housing of the unit is designed much like an airplane wing to promote water flow and reduce water drag.

As shown in the drawing, the power plant is complete with its own anchoring system. This hydraulic driven helical anchor system allows for the installation of the unit in deep waters without the need for divers. There is a special connection on the power plant that allows the vessel installing it to provide the hydraulic power to screw in the helical anchors; once this is accomplished the vessel disengages from the unit. If the unit should need repair the vessel simply goes to the site and connects to the unit, backs out the helical anchors and brings the unit up to deck for repair, maintenance or replacement.

The power unit depicted here is a 15 diameter, 2.4 mega watt, deep water application. This unit runs best in denser cold waters with a study current flow of 7 knots or better.


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EMCsq Vessel Wrytha

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